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Wednesday, 03 September 2014
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Tk::ToolBar - a Toolbar for Perl/Tk PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ala Qumsieh   
Tk::ToolBar implements a dockable, draggable toolbar in pure Perl/Tk. It also comes with a large number of images that should be sufficient for most of your needs.

To create a ToolBar object, you simply do:

use Tk::ToolBar;
my $tb = $mw->ToolBar;

By default, the toolbar will appear at the top edge of its parent window, just under the menubar, if any.
A typical ToolBar would look like this:


Dragging the little line at the left end of the ToolBar allows you to move it around. Releasing the ToolBar will cause it to stick to the nearest edge. Here's how a ToolBar might look when dragged to the left edge:


Dragging one ToolBar onto another embeds the first into the second. Similarly, you can drag a ToolBar out of another one, and onto an edge.

You can find Tk::ToolBar at a CPAN mirror near you.

Installation is straight forward. For more information on supported options, be sure to read the documentation by typing:

perldoc Tk::ToolBar
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